‘It Is But It’s Not’ is the title track from Theodore’s debut album, out now. Lauren absolutely loved it we quote:

”Really excited for this headphones moment right now, as I said yesterday, whenever I have a week of, it really really, it’s just a chance to play records and that I don’t get really annoyed that I have to wait to play on the radio, if that make sense! So spend some time going through huge lots of music znd found some amazing stuff for you , and this guy is one of the most exiting artists that is new to me , to be making music for a while though . His name is Theodore, he is a 23 years-old Greek instrumentalist, composer , singer , one of the only people to have played in the ancient temple of Zeus , he supported Sigur Ros playing live, he studied composition in London , so his got a few kind of friends and collaborators over here. I think he is in Athens now but I’m not completely sure, but yeah … you kind of wanna know about this guy. I said at the beginning of the show,  if you are fun of floating points , if you like Neils Frahm , if you are into Sebastian Tellier  , if you love Aniels Ubels , if you are fun of all that kind of white screen , new classical jazz, influent stuff , it is really going to be your cup of tea and kind of wanna look out of everything that he does ! so as, Theodore is his name , this is from his debut album which is out now , so you can get both… Theodore it is but its not , one of my most exiting holiday discoveries on your headphones moment today ! Hope you like it too!”

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