Sarah Darling is a well-known name in Tennessee, the Nashville based singer-songwriter has years of experience behind her. From years of live experience on tour supporting the likes of Carrie Underwood & Kacey Musgraves. Sarah Darling has accumulated over 1 million downloads!
Sarah Darling is ready to explore overseas with the UK being first on her list. Following her first C2C performanc at London’s O2 this year, ‘You Take Me All The Way’ comes from Sarah’s upcoming transatlantic debut album ‘Dream Country’ set for release in Spring 2016. This jazz infused pop-Americana record illustrates Sarah’s ability to diversify her sound and branch into the unknown. This beautifully crafted song embodies the feminity of Sarah’s music, as she takes us on this transitional journey of love and true emotion.
Sarah’s upcoming album ‘Dream Country’ brings with it a picturesque lyrical style; homing in on the beauty of the world, personal aspirations and cinematic feelings. This is further enhanced by Sarah’s escapist style which crosses country, Americana and traditional pop. Following a long term record deal, this album was chance for Sarah to make a record that paints a picture of where she is artistically, professionally and personally, without any of the restraints. These songs bring a sophistication, beauty, and honesty that’s refreshing. It’s romantic and dreamy.

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